Ange Leccia catalogue for MAC/VAL

This catalogue covers a video installation of the artist Ange Leccia, currently at the MAC/VAL museum. The first section of the book covers video frames, the second 5 texts and the third views of the installation. Available at the MAC/VAL bookstore. http://www.macval.fr/


couvertures/covers – Cahiers du cinéma

One year of cover designs for the Cahiers du cinéma.
Un an de conception graphique des couvertures du Cahiers du cinéma.

Change is good's Teacup project, AGI Congress 2013


New Cahiers du cinéma issue.

Cover design by Change is good. Eric Judor photographed by Dustin Cohen.

Cahiers du cinéma, Septembre, 2013


Take it before you leave the exhibition

Small pocket publication, Éditions Carré, designed by Change is good.



for Lili Reynaud Dewar — ‘Interpretation’
published by Kunsthalle Basel / Paraguay Press.


Berges de Seine, Paris ++

Signage and beautiful containers (by Agence d'architecture Franklin Azzi) and some new paintings at the Berges de Seine, Paris